Helping High Achieving Black Youth Navigate Life with with More Confidence, Self-love & Inner Calm.

A Favorite Quote of Mine:

“I refuse to participate in the silencing of myself. I do not consent to the erasing of myself."

-Dr. Thema Bryant

Hi, I'm Kandace Kyere!

I'm a Licensed Social Worker (LSW), A Mental Health Professional & Coach, Youth Advocate, A Speaker, and Founder/Owner of Hello Kandace, LLC.

I have served as a school social worker and school-based therapist. I'm passionate about supporting academically thriving Black teens and young adults along their sacred path of self-discovery. I connect them with the tools and resources needed to better know and understand themselves, so that they can reduce stress and anxiety and live more balanced, joyful, and meaningful lives. I help them feel fully seen, beyond their grades & outward achievements.

My coaching style is compassionate, uplifting, trauma-informed, and anti-oppressive. I believe that teens and young adults are the experts in their own lives and that their voices matter. I choose to partner with them on their journey, helping them uncover and fully realize what's already deep within them so that they can not only thrive outwardly, but also take steps to thrive inwardly. I'll help them to accpet themselves, build confidence, and reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and the pressure to be perfect.


I'm on a mission to help academically thriving Black teens and young adults discover creative ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and the pressure to be perfect so that they can make healthy life choices, lovingly embrace their full selves and feel less weighed down by the pressures in their lives,

(even if on the outside they're the teen or young adult that appears to have it all figured out).


I was an academically thriving Black teen who became an academically thriving Black young adult, and for years, I fought silent battles on the inside. As an educator, I saw first hand that academically thriving Black students didn't have enough safe spaces to unpack the layers of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and disappointment associated with the many expectations put on them to achieve. The pressure to be successful while navigating the challenges that come with everyday life can wear on young minds and hearts. In addition, the impact of racism, discrimination, and oppression often goes much deeper than microaggressions, stereotypes, or even racial slurs. These structural, intergenerational, and social conditions can cripple Black students from within, affecting their self-worth, sense of belonging, and sense of purpose, eventually leading to debilitating anxiety, depression, and burnout. Being told you have to work twice as hard than those around you while feeling a responsibility to represent your entire race is emotionally exhausting and unsustainable.

I'm here to help high achieving Black youth develop the skills and resources necessary to take more self-loving actions in their lives. Actions that will help them to break free from overthinking, comparison, self-criticism, the pressure to be perfect, & the many messages they may have internalized about themselves. Breaking free is a process that they don't have to do by themselves!


I do this by creating culturally affirming virtual spaces that allow Black students to show up as their full selves, without having to water down their truth. I know that Black students experience stress, anxiety and life pressures through an additional lens impacted by historical legacies and current issues of racism, discrimination, and prejudices. See below.

I also provide 1:1 parent coaching and you can learn more about that here.

Thriving on the Inside: TEENS

Thriving on the Inside is a transformational and collaborative signature coaching program for academically thriving Black teens and their caregivers. It will promote self-awareness, identity development, self-compassion, spiritual growth, and action-oriented strategies for managing stress/anxiety while developing healthy habits to navigate through life.

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Empowered to Choose: YOUNG ADULTS

Empowered to Choose is all about supporting academically thriving Black young adults on their journey of growth and self-discovery. The young adult years are full of new experiences and big changes that can be overwhelming. It's easier to see the small choices you can take each day for your growth and wellbeing when you can release the pressure of constant achievement & perfection.

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Coaching and therapy are similar in that they both involve helping teens and young adults make positive changes in their lives. Therapy can be powerful, but it is not the same as coaching. Mental & emotional wellbeing coaching is designed to help prevent the onset of more serious mental health conditions before they occur. Coaching is often shorter-term and there is usually an agreed upon end date, while therapy can continue for as long as the teen or young adult needs it.

In my role as a mental & emotional wellbeing coach, I am not diagnosing or treating specific mental health conditions, nor am I helping teens and young adults unpack and process deeply distressing events from the past (although, they may come up).

Coaching with me is a gentle & collaborative process that guides teens and young adults forward, while empowering them to take action steps that can help them to improve their lives, make healthier decisions, and reduce stress. It’s a non-judgmental and confidential space where I cheer them on and help them take practical goal-oriented steps in the direction they desire to go, helping them strengthen their mental and emotional wellbeing in the process.

As a virtual mental & emotional wellbeing coach, I am available to meet with teens and young adults across the U.S & abroad.

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  • Parent: "You have meant so much to my daughter and to our family. God put you here for a reason and our daughter having a strong faith filled Black woman to look up to and guide her meant EVERYTHING. Thank you for truly caring. Thank you for being there for me and my husband as a ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. Thank you for your guidance and kind words of encouragement." - EE

  • Parent: "You did an excellent job helping my son and we're very grateful. Thank you for everything. You've been a true blessing to us and many others for sure." -RM


  • (9th grade): "Thank you so much for every single thing that you do for me. The list is never-ending, from talking to me in the hallway, scheduling appointments with me, helping me with every problem I express to you, and many more. I love your hair." - LW

  • (10th grade): “Thank you so much for being there for me during some tough times! It really helped me a lot being able to talk to someone outside my family and friend group about my dad. I also want to say thank you for your amazing Wellness Wednesday videos! They encourage me every week, and give amazing advice and reminders when I need them." - CM

  • (11th grade): "I really want to thank you [Mrs. Kyere] from the bottom of my heart. I fight a silent battle within myself everyday but with your amazing help I am slowly learning to open up and allow those who truly care to listen and help. Having a positive impact on someone's life means so much and you have done just that. Thank you for making me feel safe." -LC

  • (12th grade): "Thank you for never giving up on me when I was giving up on myself. You are much appreciated beyond words can explain." - JK


  • School Administrator: "Mrs. Kyere is a highly competent and skilled social worker. I have relied heavily on her knowledge to guide me as I assisted students with their academic needs. Mrs. Kyere has the following distinguishable skills that reflect her abilities as a highly effective social worker: intervention strategies, listening, critical thinking, verbal and written communication, problem solving, and empathy. During the pandemic, she communicated best practices for coping and self-care, and she remained focused on the social and emotional well-being of all stakeholders." -Dr. T.W.

  • High School Campus Minister: "I got to witness firsthand the passion that [Kandace] has for working with youth, and her inestimable gift to listen, understand, and attend to the needs of our students. I had the pleasure of witnessing the beauty of her relationships with students; relationships built upon trust and care, Kandace touched the lives of so many of our students by allowing them to see themselves in the same way she sees them: as worthy of love, and capable of greatness. It is also worth mentioning how impressive her adaptability has been during the COVID-19 pandemic to remain available and connected to our students; her advocacy for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion within our institution; and her ability to lead Professional Development with our entire faculty and staff on SEL learning, among other topics .- F.G.

  • High School English Teacher: " Mrs. Kyere builds genuine rapport with students, who can tell that she genuinely cares about them and their wellbeing. Students know that Ms. Kyere has their best interests at heart and trust her with sensitive information. I have heard students say that they previously did not trust school counseling resources, but that 'Ms. Kyere is different, she helps.' Equally impressively, Ms. Kyere has made significant improvements to our school’s social and emotional support procedures. Prior to her arrival, school employees relied on informal conversations to refer students for counseling or support. Ms. Kyere introduced an easy-to-use website to help teachers make student referrals. Her website also assists students in making self-referrals, as well as finding resources to learn more about their own mental health. Ms. Kyere also helped our school make connections to external therapy services and assists students in signing up for weekly therapy services. Recently, several students told me that the therapy supports they received because of Ms. Kyere’s help 'changed their lives.' She is always willing to collaborate with teachers on ways to support the social and emotional health of students. When I was revising my own course curricula to include social-emotional journaling, Ms. Kyere provided me with numerous resources to help in the planning process." -F.K.

*Please note that initials are used to protect client confidentiality.

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