Helping High Achieving Black Youth Build More Confidence, Inner Calm, Self-love & a Positive Racial Identity

A Favorite Quote of Mine: 

“I refuse to participate in the silencing of myself. I do not consent to the erasing of myself." 

-Dr. Thema Bryant

Hi, I'm Kandace! 

I'm a Licensed Social Worker (LSW), A Mental Health Professional & Coach, Youth Advocate, A Speaker, and Founder/Owner of Hello Kandace, LLC. 

I have served as a school social worker and school-based therapist.  I'm passionate about supporting academically thriving Black teens and young adults along their sacred path of self-discovery. I connect them with the tools and resources needed to better know and understand themselves, so that they can reduce stress and anxiety and live more balanced, joyful, and meaningful lives.  I help them feel fully seen, beyond their grades & outward achievements. 

 My coaching style is compassionate, uplifting, trauma-informed, and anti-oppressive. I believe that teens and young adults are the experts in their own lives and that their voices matter. I choose to partner with them on their journey, helping them uncover and fully realize what's already deep within them so that they can not only thrive outwardly, but also take steps to thrive inwardly. I'll help them to accpet themselves, build confidence, and reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and the pressure to be perfect.


I'm on a mission to help academically thriving Black teens and young adults discover creative ways to reduce stress,  anxiety, and the pressure to be perfect so that they can make healthy life choices,  lovingly embrace their full selves and feel less weighed down by the pressures in their lives,

(even if on the outside they're the teen or young adult that appears to have it all figured out).  


I was an academically thriving Black teen who became an academically thriving Black young adult,  and for years, I fought silent battles on the inside.  As an educator, I saw first hand that academically thriving Black students didn't have enough safe spaces to unpack the layers of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and disappointment associated with the many expectations put on them to achieve. The pressure to be successful while navigating the challenges  that come with everyday life can wear on young minds and hearts. In addition, the impact of racism, discrimination, and oppression often goes much deeper than microaggressions, stereotypes, or even racial slurs. These structural, intergenerational, and social conditions can cripple Black students from within, affecting their self-worth, sense of belonging, and sense of purpose, eventually leading to debilitating anxiety, depression, and burnout.  Being told you have to work twice as hard than those around you while feeling a responsibility to represent your entire race is emotionally exhausting and unsustainable. 

I'm here to help high achieving Black youth develop the skills and resources necessary to take more self-loving actions in their lives. Actions that will help them to break free from overthinking, comparison, self-criticism, the pressure to be perfect, & the many messages they may have internalized about themselves.  Breaking free is a process that they don't have to do by themselves!


I do this by creating culturally affirming virtual spaces that allow Black students to show up as their full selves, without having to water down their truth.  I know that Black students experience stress, anxiety and life pressures through an additional lens impacted by historical legacies and current issues of racism, discrimination, and prejudices.  See below.

I also provide 1:1 parent coaching and you can learn more about that here. 

Thriving on the Inside: TEENS

Thriving on the Inside is a transformational and collaborative signature coaching program for academically thriving Black teens and their caregivers. It will promote self-awareness, identity development, self-compassion, spiritual growth, and action-oriented strategies for managing stress/anxiety while developing healthy habits to navigate through life.

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Empowered to Choose: YOUNG ADULTS

Empowered to Choose is all about supporting academically thriving Black young adults on their journey of growth and self-discovery.    The young adult years are full of new experiences and big changes that can be overwhelming. It's easier to see the small choices you can take each day for your growth and wellbeing when you can release the pressure of constant achievement & perfection. 

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Coaching with me is a gentle & collaborative process that guides teens and young adults forward, while empowering them to take loving action steps that can help them to improve their lives, make healthier decisions, and reduce stress. It’s a non-judgmental and confidential space where I cheer them on and help them move in the direction they desire to go in, helping them strengthen their mental and emotional wellbeing in the process.

Coaching and therapy are similar in that they both involve helping teens and young adults make positive changes in their lives. Therapy can be powerful, however, it is not the same as coaching.  Mental Health coaching can be preventative and help teens and young adults learn practical skills & tools for their wellbeing before the onset of more serious mental health conditions. Coaching is often shorter-term and there is usually an agreed upon end date, while therapy can continue for as long as the teen or young adult needs it. 

 In my role as a mental health coach, I am not diagnosing or treating specific mental health conditions, nor am I helping teens and young adults unpack and process deeply distressing events from the past (although, they may come up, and I can provide insight & reccomendations in the moment to help you find more support & resources for that area). Some teens and young adults have found it helpful to have a therapist and coach at the same time. 

As a virtual mental halth coach, I am available to meet with teens and young adults across the U.S & abroad. For teens & young adults livng in the Indianapolis area, I may be able to provide in-person sessions or a hybrid option.

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*Please note that initials are used to protect client confidentiality. 

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