Empowered to Choose

You don't have to hate change! What if change was actually a gift that empowered you to choose new ways to be in the world, helping you transform into the person you truly desire to become

Transitions are hard. 

Change is uncomfortable.

Yet with the right support, change is doable. 

When I was an academically thriving young adult, there was always so much to do, yet not enough time to do it all.  I was often navigating the expectations of my family, my friends, and everyone around me. There were so many decisions to make and I often felt overwhelmed by them all.  A lot of change was happening at once and I experienced the death of my college roommate & best friend at the age of 21. Not to mention, living in a Black body added to the exhaustion. 

Like you, I was conditioned by educational systems to place my worth and value in my GPA and outward achievements. This added to the stress that naturally comes with being a young adult today.

During young adulthood , change and transition can feel constant and nonstop. The decision making process is not always easy. This is especially true when you are faced with changes that you didn't expect or choose for yourself; the ones that are completely out of your control. Things like: a new diagnosis; the death of a loved one; an unexpected ending of a friendship/relationship, changes in your family situation, or another traumatic event that deeply impacts you. These changes can create so much pressure. 

Many times, even the changes we intentionally choose can come with big questions, such as:  Do I begin a serious relationship right now? Do I end my current relationship? Do I change my major? Do I hold onto the same religious beliefs from childhood? Do I express my gender in new ways?  Do I apply to graduate school or enter the workforce? Do I pledge a sorority or fraternity? Do I reach out for help for anxiety & stress, or do I continue to push through burnout? Sometimes the next step is not always clear. 

What if you had the tools to move through change, transitions, and uncertainty with more gentleness and connection to your mind, body, & emotions? 

Change is hard for everyone, and it's totally normal for you to want to resist change so you can avoid feeling the uncomfortable emotions that come with it. When you are in the midst of change and transition, seeing your choices clearly can be really hard.  When you are feeling stressed from the pressures of life, it's easy to make an impulsive decision that may not be healthy for you in the long run. On the other hand, you may feel disempowered and not sure which direction to go, so you avoid making any choice at all. 

I understand first hand how scary it can be to reach out for more support. As human beings, it often feels easier to do what we have always done because it's familiar. But...what if there was a step you could take before you breakdown, crash, and burnout? What if you didn't have to handle life pressures and transitions on your own? What if you were empowered to choose healthy ways to cope with change, transitions, and the unexpected parts of life? I believe this is possible for you! 

   There is no final destination when it comes to navigating change, however, you don't have to navigate change alone, and you can discover creative ways to calm your mind and emotions during change and to move through uncertainty in a healthier ways. 


Empowered to Choose is all about supporting you on your journey of growth and self-discovery. The young adult years are full of new experiences and big changes that can be overwhelming. I'll help you gain clarity so that they can make healthy decisions, even during constant change and life challenges. It's easier to see the small choices you can take each day for your growth and wellbeing when you have additional support and permission to do it imperfectly.  Empowered to Choose is an invitation to take a sacred pause & be supported in new ways.  You will walk away from these experiences with practical ways to navigate change and uncertainty and help with relieving pressures in your life.  Sign up below or click here for a free exploration call

Empowered to Choose Coaching  Sessions

These coaching sessions are designed to help you slow down in the midst of chaos, find balance, and make space for what you really want. Through powerful and compassionate questions, I'll help you develop a deeper understanding of what you need to move forward and how to bring more peace into your life. This offer includes 6 virtual sessions.

Do you need help relieving some pressure in your life as you navigate change and transitions? 

There is no perfect way to navigate stress, but some transitions & changes create pressure & stress that is just too much for us to handle on our own. Stress relief coaching is a short term & solution-focused process to help release stress, anxiety, overwhelm, & the pressure to be perfect as it relates to any area of your life. 

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Young Adult/Individual Investment: $750

Corporate or University Sponsor: $1,500

(Payment Plans Available) 

Are you someone who would like to financially sponsor an academically thriving Black young adult who is interested in these services? 

If so, contact me at hello@hellokandace.com and I'll send you the sponsor payment link.