About Kandace

Kandace K., MSW/LSW

"You radiate a certain warmth that makes you easy to talk to when I'm venting to you about my problems. I'll never forget how you helped me deal with my toxic ex-boyfriend & other issues I had bottled up. I'll never forget the understanding expression on your face and the gentle yet firm things you said to me." 

- CM (12th grade student)  

About Kandace

Kandace (she/her) is one generation removed from poverty (meaning: if her parents didn't escape the context of intergenerational poverty, then she may still be there). She is of African descent and her ancestors survived 200+ years of systemic slavery & post-slavery terrorism in the United States. She fully embraces the intergenerational wisdom passed down to her, while simultaneously doing her part to heal the intergenerational wounds & trauma she inherited and experienced in life. She identifies as an introvert and a highly sensitive person (HSP), and enjoys supporting other sensitive souls. 

Kandace has a unique passion to work with high achieving Black students because she used to be one.  During her own experience as an academically thriving Black student, she struggled with internal feelings of low self worth, perfectionism, anxiety, overwhelm, and sadness.  She grew up in the Midwest, was a pastor's kid (PK), and navigated through predominately white academic settings beginning at the age of 12.  She was often told by those who looked like her that she "talked white," "acted white," or "was pretty for a dark skinned girl." She now understands that these statements were all manifestations of the insanity of racism & white supremacy that sill get played out today.

Through her personal & professional journey of self-discovery and healing, and through the help of therapy, coaching, support groups, and prayer, Kandace has discovered, and continues to discover,  transformational practices and tools to move through the common challenges that academically thriving Black teens and young adults face each day.  She believes that when Black teens and young adults are taught ways to value mental and emotional wellbeing now, it will lead to positive outcomes for their future including the ability to make healthier choices, and experience more inner peace. She envisions a world where every young Black person has a vibrant village of support and an expansive network around them, cheering them on.

Professional Bio

Kandace's work is informed from 10 years of professional & volunteer experience working with youth. She is Licensed Social Worker (LSW, #33009077A), mental health professional,  coach, speaker, and the founder and owner of Hello Kandace, LLC. Kandace founded Hello Kandace, LLC to help academically thriving Black teens & young adults feel empowered to flourish and thrive on the inside—not just on the outside. In her role as a coach, she works with clients all over the United States and Abroad. 

She specializes in providing culturally affirming, trauma-informed, and strength based coaching services to Black teens and young adults who struggle with perfectionism, anxiety, overwhelm, and sadness. Kandace recognizes that these struggles are deeply connected to living within the American systems of oppression and white supremacy, which are played out in families, schools, churches, and communities.  

She has served as an urban community social worker, school social worker, and teen mental health therapist. She has worked in a variety of other settings including after-school programs, homes, and churches(within both urban and suburban neighborhoods). She graduated with her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh and holds a Bachelors degree from Michigan State University. She has practiced social worker in the states of Indiana and Pennsylvania, and she holds a Professional Educators License for School Social Work in the State of Indiana (#10246270).  In addition, she has served as an adjunct professor with the MSW program at Indiana University School of Social Work. 

Kandace operates from a strength-based, trauma-sensitive, anti-oppressive, and social justice lens that centers the unique needs of Black teens, young adults, and families including LGBTQIA+ and immigrant youth. She utilizes a compassionate and liberation-focused approach in her work.  She has participated in global learning opportunities within Puerto Rico, Costa Rico, Guatemala, Jamaica, and Haiti. Kandace values lifelong learning and growth, both as a professional social worker and as a human being. She currently lives and resides on the native land of the Myaamiaki territories, otherwise known as Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.