Thriving on the Inside

"It takes a village to raise a child." 

- African Proverb

Your Teenager is on a Journey Towards Freedom

Envision your academically thriving Black teenager:

This is what it looks like to thrive on the inside, yes, even in the midst of an oppressive & stressful society. This and so much more is possible for us and our academically thriving Black teenagers.  Thriving on the inside is a continual process and lifelong journey that takes practice. No one arrives over night or on their own. Ready to journey together?



If you answered YES to any of these question, you're not alone and your teenager may benefit from working with me! Click here to explore more!  


I know you're doing your best to raise your teen to be confident, prepared, and a healthy person in the world.  You are busy taking them from one activity to the next. You see so much greatness in them and you desire that they stay on a healthy path.  You already know from your own experiences that being a human is hard at times. You've never been a teenager at this time in history, but you know it's a lot different than when you were growing up. 

Academically thriving Black teens are navigating oppressive, racist, & stressful educational & societal structures, and as a result, they often need support with learning new and healthier ways to relate to themselves and the world around them. In addition, developing friendships during the teen years (especially after the global covid-19 pandemic), can feel challenging for many.  

 Your teenager deserves to be be seen for more than just their achievements and outward successes (musical talents, athleticism, leadership abilities).  They are whole human beings-who has their own feelings, thoughts, struggles, and needs. Often times they feel the pressure to prove themselves as smart and successful, especially when navigating a society & school system that is often committed to seeing them as less than which can make them feel like they never measure up. 

The radical act of seeing our children and teenagers as human beings FIRST will take deep unlearning, reflecting, pausing, and slowing down, but it's worth it, and they deserve it. Their ability to thrive on the inside is deeply connected to the types of relationships they have with the various adults around them. I'm ready to be another supportive adult in their life.  Let's go!