Thriving on the Inside

"It takes a village to raise a child."

- African Proverb

Your Teenager is on a Journey Towards Freedom

Envision your academically thriving Black teenager:

  • Feeling at home in their body, both connected and present with themselves, other people & the world.

  • Feeling a greater sense of self-worth & inner calm.

  • Being able to tolerate imperfection and mistakes with more gentleness and ease.

  • Being more thoughtful about their choices, and the impact of their choices—on themselves and others.

  • Having the skills, guidance and support to make decisions that support a healthy life.

  • Feeling a connection to something greater than themselves, being able to lean into Divine support and access their own Inner wisdom, in a way that feels right for them.

  • Being able to recognize the ways that society & past experiences have conditioned their minds, so that they can replace harmful beliefs with new ones.

This is what it looks like to thrive on the inside, yes, even in the midst of an oppressive & stressful society. This and so much more is possible for us and our academically thriving Black teenagers. Thriving on the inside is a continual process and lifelong journey that takes practice. No one arrives over night or on their own. Ready to journey together?


Thriving on the Inside is a transformational and collaborative signature coaching program for academically thriving Black teens and their caregivers. It will promote self-awareness, identity development, self-compassion, spiritual growth, and action-oriented strategies for managing stress/anxiety while developing healthy habits. They'll discover underlying factors in society that create the pressure to be perfect while learning how to lessen its impact. In addition, they'll receive help managing expectations, challenging negative internalized beliefs, while also strengthening their connection to their African heritage. Ultimately, they'll walk away with a more positive and deeper relationship with themselves, which in turn will impact everything they do.

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Your teenager wants to break free from overthinking, the pressure to be perfect, constant comparison & self-criticism, feelings of unworthiness, the expectations of others, constant feelings of overwhelm, and the persistent lies of racism & oppression!

Your teenager wants every adult to see them as a whole human being-who has their own feelings, thoughts, and needs. They want to be seen for more than just their academic achievements and outward successes (musical talents, athleticism, leadership abilities). They want to be acknowledged for the effort it takes to navigate their unique social realities, stressors, and pressures of everyday life.

Your teenager wants you to know that a big part of their overachiever personality is due to the pressure they feel to prove themselves as smart and successful in a society & school system that is often committed to seeing them as less than. Often times, they feel like they never measure up. This radical act of seeing our children and teenagers as human beings will take deep unlearning, reflecting, pausing, and slowing down. But it's worth it! Their internal thriving is connected to your internal work too!



You have sacrificed and worked hard to provide your child with the best educational opportunities possible. You've done your best to raise your teen to be confident, prepared, and a productive person in the world. You see so much greatness in them and you desire that they stay on a healthy path.

At the same time, it can be hard to accept that while they're thriving outwardly, they may be struggling internally due to the impacts of living in this society and navigating stressful school systems. The teen years can be overwhelming, no matter how well you're doing in school. While a high GPA may indicate academic success, it's not always synonymous with mental and emotional wellness.

You already know from your own experiences that being a human is hard at times. You've never been a teenager at this time in history, but you know it's a lot different than when you were growing up. You know that it takes a village to raise a child, and you're committed to reimagining what that village may look like. When you're ready, I'm here to be another person in your village and tribe!

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